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FRUA is a service-marked acronym of Families for Russian and Ukrainian Adoption in use since 1994. It and the full organizational name, Families for Russian and Ukrainian Adoption, are not to be used to describe any organization or service not related to FRUA, without permission.

Welcome to FRUA's Member Site!

Please log in if you have a current family membership and would like to access your expansive set of member benefits OR if you have an expired family or young adult membership you would like to renew. Please also use this site to join, donate (thank you!), or purchase from our store. You may also return to our main website to learn more about the wonderful work and amazing community of Families for Russian and Ukrainian Adoption, Including Neighboring Countries. Whether parent, adoptee, or other family member, may you find all you need in the love and support of our FRUA community!
Celebrate FRUA's redesigned member site and take a walk around!  Key functions such as join, renew, donate (thank you!), buy or update your member profile are available. 
Check out our new Member Directory, which allows you to share as much or as little of your adoption journey as you care to, including photos!  Each member builds their own Directory pages.

Member Benefits

FRUA members join an engaged, supportive community that nurtures adopted children, parents, and families. They enjoy access to educational programming covering the range of the adoptive family experience. FRUA's regional structure and active Facebook community connect families to share experiences, seek help and celebrate successes. A growing Young Adult program connects and engages post-high school adoptees, and our Scholarship program supports FRUA students. Our Outreach work supports orphans not yet placed in forever homes. Our direct representation to birth-country embassies and countries advocates for fact-based discourse and inter-country adoption.

About FRUA

Families for Russian and Ukrainian Adoption, Including Neighboring Countries (“FRUA”) provides hope, help and community for adoptive families, by providing connection, education, resources and advocacy and working to improve the lives of orphaned children.

FRUA is an all-volunteer international 501(c)3 support organization, with regions across the US and members around the world who have adopted from 32 Eastern European and Central Asian countries.